The GUIDAP Consulting GmbH was founded by Manuel Madrenes in 2014. Its goal is to consult, teach and support cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular. This also includes classical IT fields like operational security, data security, trust concepts, integration, automation and more.

The concept behind GUIDAP Consulting is to provide all relevant information from one source and develop a tailor-made solution for your individual situation. For implementing this concept, GUIDAP Consulting uses its in-house expertise as well as external experts, following the unix philosophy of "have each tool do one task well".

GUIDAP Consulting addresses both businesses and startups as well as NGOs and individuals.

GUIDAP Consulting values the potential of Bitcoin for more than just generating financial profits. From day one, GUIDAP Consulting pledges to support the Bitcoin community with free lectures, workshops and meetups, development of innovative open-source solutions, in-depth articles and more.