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Dennis Daiber is the CEO of 'BitcoinCommodities', a bullion webshop based in Berlin with a yearly turnaround of multiple million USD equivalent. Mr Daiber is a professional stock trader since 2001 and a bullion vendor since 2011.

Mr Daiber, your bullion webshop 'BitcoinCommodities' accepts payments in Bitcoin. What were the reasons for this decision?

Mr Daiber: At first I simply wanted to give users who owned bitcoins an outlet - what good is a currency if you cannot shop with it? I was (and am) a fan of gold, and saw an opportunity.

How satisfied are you with the results?

Mr Daiber: What started with a little wordpress site became a full-fledged ecommerce shop, so I think I can be content for now. It seems that the goldbug/silverbug community and the bitcoin community have more common ground than either realize. This starts with a certain weariness of fiat currency and doesn't end with a destinctive liberal, sometimes libertarian stance.

Were there any effects you did not forsee?

Mr Daiber: In any business, you want to do well. While I didn't foresee the extent of that, I certainly welcomed success. What I certainly did not foresee - I do carry an enthusiastic approach - is the paperwork and tax framework you'll have to deal with once you're successful. In hindsight, had I actually known the troubles I would see with BaFin,
Finanzamt and Banks, I would probably have stayed in bed.

What is your prediction for working with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general?

Mr Daiber: It's always difficult to make predictions, especially with regards to crypto. I do hope that bitcoin makes a big splash, both in and off the streets.

Thank you for your insights!

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