What are cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is the first and most successful of a new kind of assets, the cryptography-based currencies. As their most striking feature, those currencies work completely decentralized. Most features, benefits and associated risks result from this decentralized nature.

Bitcoin has many sides and aspects to it:

- Pay in brick-and-mortar stores, conveniently with your mobilephone.
- Gain publicity and new target groups when accepting bitcoins as a payment option.
- Use Bitcoin as the ultimate in wealth density, backups and a non-freezable nature included.
- Streamline your processes with removing middlemen. With faster, direct transactions worldwide in any amount, at a fraction of traditional costs.

GUIDAP Consulting provides both tailored solutions for your individual situation and demand, as well as open lectures, workshops and individual introduction.


Do you want to start right away? These sources will get you up to speed!

First, one of the best introductory videos to Bitcoin, from weusecoins.com.


Rick Falkvinge wrote a classic series of articles back in 2011, providing a great analysis of the hurdles and drivers of Bitcoin:
Bitcoins four hurdles - Part one: usability
Bitcoins four hurdles - Part two: transactions
Bitcoins four hurdles - Part three: escrow
Bitcoins four hurdles - Part four: exchanges
Bitcoins four drivers - Part one: unlawful trade
Bitcoins four drivers - Part two: international trade
Bitcoins four drivers - Part three: merchant trade
Bitcoins four drivers - Part four: investment

weusecoins, focused on merchant adoption.

Letstalkbitcoin and bitcoinmagazine with high-quality publications on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
The Coinspondent, the prime source for German articles involving Bitcoin.

GiveBTC, a rich ressource for Bitcoin, NGOs and donations.